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Increasing the relevance and application of the best available climate science and technology to the public water supply sector is pivotal to supporting decision-makers faced with implementing both short and long range solutions and adaptations to climate variability, climate change and sea level rise impacts. FloridaWCA participants are interested in climate data, models and projections to help improve water resource supply and management planning at seasonal and long term time scales relevant to operations (3-12 months), permitting (20 years) and capital planning 20 – 50 years).

Below is a collection of Climate science resources relating both the topic and timescales of interest to FloridaWCA . Since most of the categories are interrelated, the same resource can be tagged with more than one topic. Currently the majority of resources found here are authored/co-authored by members of FloridaWCA but the collection anticipated to include other relevant publications as appropriate and suggested by the participants. Click on links below to see sub-areas: