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Bolson, J., C. Martinez, N. Breuer, P. Srivastava, P. Knox, 2013, Climate information use among southeast US water managers: beyond barriers and toward opportunities. Regional Environmental Change DOI 10.1007/s10113-013-0463-1
   Tags:  Climate, Water, Communication, Perceptions, Seasonal Planning, Published Article, Seasonal Scale Forecasts, Societal Impacts, Decision-making, Managing Risk, Communication
Published Article
Cullum, M. (May 2011). Long-Term Climate Change Evaluation for the St. Johns River Water Management District: Water supply impact study. SJRWMD.
   Tags:  Case Studies, Climate, Rainfall, Presentation, Water, Sea Level Rise/Change, Long-term Forecasts
Presentation Cullum 2011 St Johns River Water Supply Impact Study
Falk Niehörster (June 2013) Warming of the Oceans and Implications for the (Re)insurance Industry, A Geneva Association Report
   Tags:  Climate, Report, Sea Level Rise/Change, Resources, Managing Risk
FloridaWCA at UF WI Symposium 2014
   Tags:  Climate, Water, Documents, Working Document, Working Group
Working Document FloridaWCA at the 2014 University of Florida Water Institute Symposium
FloridaWCA Handout
   Tags:  Climate, Education, Engagement, Presentation, Water, Working Group
Presentation FloridaWCA Handout
FloridaWCA Poster
   Tags:  Climate, Water, Climate, Water
Poster presented at the 2016 Florida Lake Management Society Annual Symposium
Frank, K. (February 2012). Planning for Sea Level Rise in Florida. University of Florida.
   Tags:  Case Studies, Climate, Education, Engagement, Presentation, Water, Communication, Long-term Planning, Sea Level Rise/Change, Environmental Impacts
Presentation Presented at Workshop 5 of the FloridaWCA, February 28, 2012
Goldenberg, B. (May 2012). Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department. MDWASD.
   Tags:  Case Studies, Climate, Presentation, Water, Long-term Planning, Sea Level Rise/Change, Decision-making, Policy, regulation and action
Presentation Presented at Workshop 6 of the FloridaWCA, May 10, 2012
Graham, W. (February 2012). NOAA Project Update. UF Water Institute.
   Tags:  Climate, Rainfall, Presentation, Temperature, Sea Level Rise/Change, Seasonal Scale Forecasts, Long-term Forecasts, Communication
Presentation Presented at Workshop 5 of the FloridaWCA, February 28, 2012
Graham, W., Hwang, S., Adams, A., Assefa, T., & Guerink, J. (May 2011). Statistical and Dynamic Downscaling of GCM predictions for use with Tampa Bay Water’s Integrated Hydrologic Model. UF Water Institute.
   Tags:  Case Studies, Climate, Rainfall, Presentation, Water
Presentation Presented at Workshop 3 of the FloridaWCA, May 4, 2011


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