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Keener, V. September, 2010. A Review of Regional and Global Water Utilities Use of Climate Information. University of Florida, Southeast Climate Consortium, Workshop Handout.
   Tags:  Case Studies, Climate, Report, Water, Documents, Working Group
Report Workshop Handout
Kirtman, B. (February 2012). Seasonal-to-Decadal Climate Prediction and Climate Projection. University of Miami.
   Tags:  Climate, Rainfall, Presentation, Temperature, Seasonal Scale Forecasts, Long-term Forecasts, Data
Li, H. and V. Misra. 2014. Thirty-two-year ocean-atmosphere coupled downscaling of global reanalysis over the Intra-American Seas. Climate Dynamics DOI 10.1007/s00382-014-2069-9
   Tags:  Climate, Rainfall, Temperature, Published Article
Published Article Li and Misra 2014 Climate Dynamics
Li,Haiqin, et. al. 2013. Projected climate change scenario over California by a regional ocean-atmosphere coupled model system. Climatic Change DOI 10.1007/s10584-013-1025-8
   Tags:  Climate, Rainfall, Temperature, Published Article, Long-term Forecasts
Published Article Li et al. 2013 Climatic Change
Martinez et al. 2012. Trends in precipitation and temperature in Florida, USA. Journal of Hydrology doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2012.05.066
   Tags:  Climate, Rainfall, Temperature, Published Article
Published Article
Martinez, C. (May 2011). Use of Intra-seasonal and Seasonal Forecasts to Reduce Risk in Regional Public Water Supply Management. University of Florida.
   Tags:  Climate, Presentation, Water, Seasonal Scale Forecasts, Decision-making, Managing Risk
Presentation Presented at Workshop 3 of the FloridaWCA, May 4, 2011
Martinez, C. June 2015. Regional Climate Impacts and the Florida Water and Climate Alliance. Presented at the US EPA Climate Ready Utilities Workshop, June 16-17, Boca Raton, FL.
   Tags:  Climate, Presentation, Water, Documents, Working Group
Presentation Presentation to the US EPA Climate Ready Water Utilities Workshop, June 16-17, 2015, Boca Raton, FL.
Misra, V. (May 2011). A Land of Flowers on a Latitude of Deserts: Aiding conservation and management of Florida’s biodiversity reanalysis. FSU EOAS, COAPS, SEC.
   Tags:  Climate, Rainfall, Presentation, Data
Presentation Presented at Workshop 3 of the FloridaWCA, May 4, 2011
Misra, V. et al. 2011. Climate Scenarios: A Florida-Centric view. Florida Climate Change Task Force, State University System of Florida.
   Tags:  Climate, Report, Water, Sea Level Rise/Change, Environmental Impacts, Long-term Forecasts, Societal Impacts
Report Misra et al. 2011 Climate Scenarios - A Florida-Centric View
Misra, V., Li, H., Bastola, S., & DiNapoli, S. (October 2012). FISH50: Florida Climate Institute Seasonal Hindcasts at 50km grid resolution. Florida State University.
   Tags:  Climate, Rainfall, Presentation, Temperature, Seasonal Scale Forecasts
Presentation Presented at Workshop 5 of the FloridaWCA, October 5, 2012


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