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Sea Level Rise/Change

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New York City, Climate Analysis, Chaper 2 of Plan NYC, 2013
   Tags:  Climate, Report, Communication, Extreme Weather, Sea Level Rise/Change, Resources, Societal Impacts, Managing Risk
Obeysekera J. et al (July 2011). Past and Projected Trends in Climate and Sea Level for South Florida. SFWMD Hydrologic and Environmental Systems Modeling, Technical Report
   Tags:  Climate, Rainfall, Report, Temperature, Water, Long-term Planning, Sea Level Rise/Change, Long-term Forecasts
Obeysekera, J., et al. (Feb 2014) Scenario-based, Integrated Assessment of the Greater Everglades System to Climate Change
   Tags:  Case Studies, Climate, Rainfall, Presentation, Temperature, Long-term Planning, Sea Level Rise/Change, Long-term Forecasts
Presentation Presented at the 2014 University of Florida Water Institute Symposium
Powell, B. (May 2012). Broward County Water and Wastewater Utilities and Climate Adaptation Planning. Broward County
   Tags:  Climate, Presentation, Water, Sea Level Rise/Change
Presentation Presented at Workshop 6 of the FloridaWCA, May 10, 2012
Roehl, E., Daamen, R., and Cook, J. (October 2012). Estimating Salinity Effects Due to Climate Change on the Georgia and South Carolina Coasts. ADMI.
   Tags:  Case Studies, Climate, Presentation, Water, Sea Level Rise/Change, Environmental Impacts, Managing Risk
Presentation Presented at Workshop 5 of the FloridaWCA, October 5, 2012
Sukop, M. (September 2015). Stakeholder-based Climate Research Programs in South Florida
   Tags:  Climate, Presentation, Water, Extreme Weather, Long-term Planning, Sea Level Rise/Change, Long-term Forecasts, Societal Impacts
Presentation Presented at Workshop 13 of the FloridaWCA, September 18, 2015


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