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Frank, K. (February 2012). Planning for Sea Level Rise in Florida. University of Florida.
   Tags:  Case Studies, Climate, Education, Engagement, Presentation, Water, Communication, Long-term Planning, Sea Level Rise/Change, Environmental Impacts
Presentation Presented at Workshop 5 of the FloridaWCA, February 28, 2012
FloridaWCA Poster
   Tags:  Education, Engagement, Presentation, Communication, Working Group
Presentation Poster presented at the 2016 Florida Lake Management Society Annual Symposium
FloridaWCA Handout
   Tags:  Climate, Education, Engagement, Presentation, Water, Working Group
Presentation FloridaWCA Handout
Bolson,J. et al. Feb 2014. Early lessons learned from the Florida Water Climate Alliance on the integration of climate information into water resource decision making
   Tags:  Case Studies, Engagement, Presentation, Communication, Documents, Perceptions, Risk Communication, Working Group, Decision-making, Learning Network
Presentation Presented at the 2014 University of Florida Water Institute Symposium
Bolson, J. (September 2015). Stakeholder-based Research Activities: An Overview of Ongoing NSF Projects
   Tags:  Engagement, Communication, Risk Communication, Societal Impacts, Decision-making
Presented at Workshop 13 of the FloridaWCA, September 18, 2015
Bolson, J. & Martinez, C. (May 2012). Use, needs, and views on climate information of water managers in Southeastern U.S. University of Florida.
   Tags:  Climate, Education, Engagement, Presentation, Water, Communication, Seasonal Planning, Seasonal Scale Forecasts, Decision-making, Managing Risk
Presentation Presented at Workshop 6 of the FloridaWCA, May 10, 2012
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